Cayman Dive BoatThe first step in being prepared to handle a diving emergency is education. DAN courses teach you the first aid steps to care for an injured diver and interact with medical professionals. These courses are both challenging and incredibly rewarding.


Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries

Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving InjuriesAs a recreational diver, you can receive training to provide vital first aid that can make a difference to a scuba diver with decompression illness. The DAN Oxygen Provider course provides entry-level training in the recognition and management of possible diving-related injuries using emergency oxygen first aid.


First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries

First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life InjuriesSerious hazardous marine life injuries are rare, but most divers experience minor discomfort from unintentional encounters with fire coral, jellyfish or other marine creatures. This course teaches divers to minimize these injuries and reduce diver discomfort and pain.


On-Site Neurological Assessment for Divers

On-Site Neurological Assessment for DiversLearn how to conduct a layman's neurological assessment on a potentially injured diver. The information gained in this assessment can help convince a diver of the need for oxygen first aid and help a dive physician determine the proper treatment.


Automated External Defibrillators for Scuba Diving

Automated External Defibrillators for Scuba DivingMore than 10 percent of all dive fatalities are actually caused by cardiovascular disease, according to DAN dive accident and fatality statistics. This course teaches divers and other interested parties to provide care for sudden cardiac arrest, including the use of an automated external defibrillator (AEDs).


Info on Basic Life Support and First Aid


Diving Emergency Management Provider Program

Diving Emergency Management Provider ProgramIt is a rare event when a dive emergency is a single event. More often than not, separate small problems compound to create a larger problem.

Divers and dive professionals interested in understanding first aid care for dive emergencies can now take the Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) course from a DAN Instructor. This single program integrates several DAN training programs into a single eight-hour day — at a significant savings of time but without sacrificing any skills.


The DEMP course includes:

The DEMP course

We are excited to be able to offer these DAN courses. Please email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call 1-345-526-3483 with any questions and pricing for these valuable and rewarding courses.

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