Rent a camera

Capture your underwater scuba diving trip
Stingray City

Why ?

If you want to share your Cayman Dive experience with your friends on social media a great way to do that is by using photos and video. Our rental cameras are the perfect tool to take images and share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or where ever you choose.

What We Rent

We have two fantastic SeaLife 200HD cameras. These cameras are designed for scuba diving and are super easy to use. Sea Life are a leading brand in underwater cameras with over 20 years experience. These cameras take about 1 minute to set up and you are ready to jump in the water. They have a 10 hour battery life which means no loosing that perfect turtle photo because the battery went flat. The camera has an internal memory of 64 GB, more than enough to take two or three dives worth of fun.

How Do I Get My Photos?

Once you are done with your days diving just hand the camera back to us. We then take it to the shop, download the photos and them to you. One of the very few downsides to living in paradise is slow internet speed. Please give us around 48 hours to process the images and get them out to you. Should you be in a super passionate rush make sure to let us know

Never Dived With a Camera?

Not sure how to use a camera? Don’t worry we will give you a short lesson onboard and if you want we can give you tips to improve your images.

What’s Does It Cost?

It costs just $40 USD to rent these awesome cameras for one dive trip of two dives. If you want to rent it for the entire day is $60. We also offer a 3 day package special of $90 USD.

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