At Living The Dream Divers, we are extremely proud of our service and equipment but most of all, we are proud of our crew. When diving with us, you will receive the safest, most comfortable dive trips available on Grand Cayman.

Our crew are unmatched in their patience, people skills, understanding, professionalism, friendly banter and above all, their dedication to safety. By choosing a team of highly qualified PADI professionals that share these qualities together with their love of diving, we are able to provide our customers with a world class product.

Carl Nash

Carl NashOriginally from the south east of England Carl's life is now intertwined with the Cayman Islands. Since his first arrival in early 2004 he has spent most of his time between Grand Cayman and her Sister Islands. Although he has left for new adventures many times, Carl always find myself returning to these beautiful waters and relaxed Caribbean lifestyle. Over the last 12 years he has been lucky enough to have worked and dived in many of the most beautiful places in the world; from the distant Pacific Islands to the Indian Ocean and Caribbean Sea he has seen more than he could have ever dreamed of. After years traveling around looking for the perfect island, Carl is finally happy to call Cayman his home. The combination of stunning diving, beaches and fantastic people are hard to find anywhere else.


"In the ten years I have known Liz and Gary professionally and personally, I’m sure that what we are creating here is special anng I am proud and love being part of."


Outside of work, Carl's interests in music, travel, soccer and photography are more than enough to keep him busy, but he always finds time for a good hammock and a rum and coke! After all its part of the culture…..”Living The Dream”!


Carl's Professional Qualifications

Carl's Professional Qualifications:

  • 2002 PADI Dive Master
  • 2003 PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • 2003 Emergency First Response Instructor
  • 2003 PADI Specality Instructor
    • Navigation, Photo, EAN, Video, Wreck
    • Deep, Night, Search & Recovery, FIsh ID,
    • PPB, Naturalist
  • 2004 DAN Oxygen Provider
  • 2004 PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • 2005 STWC-95
  • 2005 PSI Visual Tank Inspector
  • 2012 IYT / PADI DiveBoat Mate Command
  • 2012 RED Cross CPR First Aid
  • 2012 MCA / RYA Power Boat Level III

Scott "Happy" Hartwell

Scott "Happy" Hartwell Scott started life in the UK as an accountant! On one particularly drab British day he decided to toss the suit and tie away, pack his bag and head for warmth. His love of diving and easy going gentle manor make him an awesome dive instructor. Scott completed his instructor in 2004 in South Africa where he crashed through heavy surf and avoided great white sharks. Scott’s first taste of the Caribbean was working in the BVI’s and Barbados. He came to Grand Cayman in early 2010 and has been a teaching machine since joining LTD in September. As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer he is passionate about showing people the underwater world and helping them to become awesome divers. Scott has a great personal story about how he came to live in the islands which will entertain you during your surface interval. oh yeah and ask to see his passport photo!!!


Scott's Professional Qualifications

Scott's Professional Qualifications:

  • 2007 PADI Dive Master
  • 2007 PADI Assistant Instructor
  • 2008 PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • 2008 Emergency First Response Instructor
  • 2011 PADI Specialty Instructor
    • Wreck, Deep, Navigation, Night, Drift
    • Fish ID, PPB
  • 2011 PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
  • 2012 DAN Dive Emergency Management Provider
  • 2012 Red Cross First Aid CPR

Trish Hildred

Trish HildredTrish grew up in England on her parents working farm. Growing up on a family farm meant Trish got to experience the amazing and sometimes unusual things that make up a standard hard days work on a farm including knowing how to shear a sheep! With a degree in Biology from Bristol University she decided to take a year out and spend some time with her family who lived on Grand Cayman. Trish absolutely loves the water and wanted to become a dive instructor. On Grand Cayman that dream became a reality as she upgraded from open water diver to PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Spending any amount of time with Trish and you know that she loves scuba diving and being a mermaid. She has been awarded the coveted elite instructor award. She has taught 1000’s of people and can adapt to anyone, making learning to dive easy and fun.

On board the boat, Trish will make sure you are safe and having tons of fun. Her informative briefings and talent for finding sharks is becoming legendary.First time in the water or have been diving 1000’s of times, its impossible not to have a an outstanding time. You can also ask her how to complete Bop It!!!


Sunny Moore

Simon HigtonA nick-name that stuck because she is always smiling, Sunny grew up in the Texas capital city, Austin. She knew that the lone star state was lacking one vital ingredient, the Caribbean sea! She learned to drive boats and scuba dive then packed her bag and headed on her world travels. Working and diving in a host of stunning locations around the world gives Sunny a ton of fun stories and the experience that makes her a great asset to our team. She's also a good travel agent for people looking to travel! Sunny has dived Fiji, Indonesia, Turks & Caicos. Little Cayman and New Zealand.

Cayman has been her home for over 6 years and that tells you how great the diving and lifestyle is on this amazing island. Come and dive with Sunny and you are sure to see creatures you didn't know were there as her keen eye will not miss anything.

Tim Andersen

Tim AndersenBorn and raised the American way, Tim is as passionate for diving and Living his dream as a man can be. He grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. He was fishing for crab as soon as he could walk and has a natural talent for the boats. After a few years working in a steal plant Tim decided he needed a little fresh air in his work. He looked at becoming an ocean tug boat driver. There was one problem…he wanted to be under the water as well as on top. That lead him to quitting his job, buying a ticket, learning to dive and falling in love. Tim is now a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and a licensed US Coast Guard Captain. This combination is perfect for what has become his daily life of diving and driving boats.

To see Tim at his best, book a private charter and let him spin you around his favorite reefs then chill out at stingray city followed by a beach BBQ!

Ben Chiles

Ben ChilesBen is currently ranked as a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and holds the coveted PADI - Elite Instructor Status. He grew up in Great Britian on his parents working farm. The farm machinery used by his Dad was all powered by John Deere engines. Now in the Cayman Islands, he feels very at home with our dive boats which are all powered by John Deere’s! 'Nothing Runs Like Deere'.

His dive career started on a vacation dive trip and from that point he knew one thing for sure, "its a divers life for me" His first stop was on the Spanish island of Tenerife, next to Africa. He heard about Cayman from a friend who was working over here. Now this is his home Ben could not be happier. He has a dog named ’Nick' and a never ending appetite for frozen yogurt. If he is not diving he is on the beach enjoying time with Nick.

Ben loves to be under the water and has taught hundreds of people to dive. His calm and mellow attitude is a perfect compliment to your dive training.


MauiOur dive dog joined the family in December 2010! Born on a working farm in the north of England, Maui is a pure breed British Chocolate Lab who comes from a long line of winning dogs. He stole our hearts and some shoes!!! and totally loves the water. He doesn't join us on our dive trips but he is our loyal shore support and is often in the bus when we are picking people up, or waiting on the dock or in the dive shop with his tail wagging as he sees Our Boats and divers coming back in from an awesome Cayman Diving trip.

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