Big Boats

Custom built boats by Newton in Louisiana

We believe the best dive trip is one with the smallest groups on board the biggest, nicest boats with the highest level of service and value. That is why there is only one choice for us in dive vessels and that is a custom made Newton.

Our Boat II- max 6 divers Newton Boats are the industry leader in building dive boats. There is no better dive boat made in the world that is specific to diving. This means their hull design, ladders, bathrooms, seating, storage, camera tables, wide beam, engine room, cruising speed and customized dive platform are designed specifically for divers safety and comfort. Nothing has been overlooked and their attention to detail and quality are second to none. Newton Boats are known for their wide beams, sturdy structure and quality build.

Both our boats were custom built by Newton in Louisiana. This boat is the lattest additionl, “Our Boat II” is an amazing boat that is perfect for private charters, customized for speed and comfort with all the extras. She was built for us to our exact spec and joined our team in 2013. Built to carry up to 12 divers and all their equipment, we limit the numbers to a max of 6 divers.

Our Dream Boat- max 9 divers “Our Dream Boat” joined our team in November of 2011 and we realized one of our life’s dreams. She was custom built for Living The Dream Divers and designed especially for you. We put 15 years of what we felt made the perfect dive vessel into her design. She is the most comfortable, state of the art dive vessel in the Cayman Islands with all the extras on board. Our Dream Boat is US Coast Guard certified to carry up to 24 divers, we limit the number to under half that so we can offer incrediable service unmatched anywhere on island.

We are the only dive operation on Grand Cayman that take a max of 6 and 9 divers on board dive vessels of this size and caliber with a minimum of 2 crew on every trip.