2 Days - 2 Tank Cayman Diving Package

Grand Cayman dive packages for 2 days diving
Stingray City

What Is This?

Our two day, two tank dive package is designed for certified divers who want to explore the reefs of Grand Cayman. We offer morning and afternoon two tank trips seven days a week. The only difference between the morning and afternoon trip is the time of day. If you are an early riser then our morning two tank trip is ideal. If you have younger dive buddies or you want sleep in on your vacation, then look to do our afternoon two tank dive. The weather conditions on Grand Cayman are not affected by time of day. We are very lucky to have consistent dive conditions throughout the day.

What’s Included?

Our two day dive package includes complimentary transfers to the boat from your hotel or condo on Seven Mile Beach/West Bay Rd, two awesome guided dives on board our purpose built dive boats, towels, fresh water, snacks, tanks & weights. We also provide complimentary mask, snorkel, fins, wet suits and dive computers on all trips. Our dives are weather dependent. On board we provide valet service to all our guests. This means we set your gear up while you relax. After the briefing you sit on our courtesy seats at the back of the boat, we bring your equipment to you, you do your buddy checks then giant stride into the Caribbean Sea. All our dives are guided and we will be sure to point out as many critters as we can.

Where Do We Dive?

On Grand Cayman we are lucky to have three sides to dive. This means that when the weather is inclement on one side we move to the leeward / calm side. We have over 200 dive sites to choose from. Our first priority is to select calm water. We use our years of Cayman Diving experience to pick the best site on the day, looking for the best visibility, no current and no other boats around. No sites are reserved or selected ahead of time. If you are diving multiple days with us we make sure that we do not repeat any dive site. Every two tank dive trip follows a similar pattern. We visit one of Grand Caymans famous wall dives for the first dive which is the deeper of the two dives with our max depth of 80 to 100ft. We then have a relaxed surface interval before choosing a shallow reef or wreck with a 40 to 60ft max depth.

What do you need to do?

We aim to make our reservation process as easy for you as possible. When you book your dives with Liz just tell her what days and times work best with your schedule based on our availability. Our BCD and Regulator combo is not included in our packages but can be added to any reservation. Let Liz, know what you need and we will take care of it! All you need is a current dive certification and we will take care of the rest.

Dive Snapshot

  • Must Be a Certified Diver
  • 4 boat dives
  • Free transfers
  • Guided dives
  • Tanks & Weights
  • Complimentary mask, snorkel, fins
  • Complimentary wet suits
  • complimentary dive computers

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