Enriched Air Package

Increase bottom times, get nitrox certified

Why Do it?

One of their most beneficial PADI specialties is the Enriched Air Diver Certification. Every diver should be enriched Air Certified. Thanks to our special price that is very attainable. We are charging just $160 USD per person to complete the course.

By using enriched air you are breathing a mix of gas that has an increased amount of Oxygen. Nitrogen is the gas that causes decompression illness and limits our dive time. By using a mix with increased Oxygen, you absorb less nitrogen and decrease nitrogen loading which can increase your bottom time. That is a huge bonus for us as divers and is the primary reason for getting certified.

How Long Does It Take?

As a certified diver you don’t need to even get wet to complete the course! We send you a link to access PADI’s e-learning classroom. From there you can work from any PC or laptop with internet to complete the knowledge development. On island we go over the planning of an Enriched Air dive and discuss safety. Then we analyze a tank with you and you are done.

Anything Else I need?

Once you are certified you are able to use an enriched air tank on any appreciate dive. Nitrox tanks cost $14 USD each. If you give us 24 hours notice we will have them onboard for your dives.

How Do I sign Up?

Easy! Contact Liz and let her know you want to become Enriched AIr certified. She will need your e-mail address, date of birth and full name including middle initial. We will then send you a link and add the special package price of $160 USD to your invoice.

Reservation Request: Dive Package with Enriched Air Add-on