Cayman Diving

Stingray City

Our dive trips take place around an underwater sea mount in the heart of the Caribbean. The land mass is small atop these underwater mountains where the white sandy beaches meets the crystal clear water. Our reef system builds up just offshore forming fingers or spurs of coral that meet up with the edge of this underwater mountain range. This is what we call the “wall” it is an unbelievable drop that cascades down thousands of feet. The first dive of every trip is visiting one of these famous wall sites where we explore the edge of the mountain completely encrusted and covered with coral and sponge life. Our idyllic location rewards us with perfect conditions year round. The Cayman Islands are flat, with no river run off affecting our visibility, this means crystal clear 80–100 foot visibility everyday. We are also blessed with awesome water temperatures that range from 78F in January / Feb to 86F in August!

Cayman Wall Diving

The wall diving is what we are famous for. The breathtaking drops have swim thrus and tunnels to explore, these dives sites start as shallow as 50 feet and rarely have any current. We often compare it to flying over the top of a massive underwater mountain range! We have amazing conditions for both newly certified or very experienced scuba divers. Even with this amazing drop the diving is super easy and safe with tons of cool critters.The marine life seen in this crystal clear water is world class. we regularly get to see hawksbil turtles munching on sponges, nurse sharks sleeping in the sand, big lobsters hiding ,the beautiful spotted eagle-ray, friendly southern stingrays, queen angelfish, puffer fish and a ton of stunning Caribbean fish on every dive trip. We also have unforgettable shallow reefs and wrecks that are home to healthy corals and sponges. WE make sure to give you plenty of time to take photos, and hunt for small nudibranchs or brightly colored juvenile fish, we love to find those cute little creatures that look like baby sea monsters. The slower you go the more you see, the reef is teaming with cool critters and we do all we can to point it all out. Every day we choose the best sites available for Cayman Islands diving. Sites are selected based primarily on conditions as well as where our guests have been and the experience levels on board. We look for the calmest seas which dictates which side of the island we dive, then we assess each site and make sure the vis is awesome and there is no current. We join you in the water on a guided tour, searching for critters to point out. You never know what might swim by!


Our Cayman Diving Trips

We offer daily 2-tank morning and 2- tank afternoon Cayman diving trips with complimentary pick up from your hotel or condo along Seven Mile Beach. The first dive of the trip is one of Cayman’s famous wall sites followed by a relaxed surface interval before jumping in for our second dive on a shallower site on the wall, reef system or wreck dive. There is no difference between the AM & Pm dives, just the time of day. All over dive conditions remain the same. We have over 200 named Cayman dive sites to choose from. Every trip we look for the best vis, calmest seas, no current and no other boats around, we want you to have the best dive possible, every time. We also happily take requests if you have heard of a Cayman dive site you want to get to. All our dives are guided and include a thorough pre-dive briefing. On board we have fresh towels for you, fish identification books, de-fog, complimentary computer use on all dives to increase safety and maximize your bottom time, 2-3 crew, iced drinking water, full safety equipment and first aid, fresh water shower, dedicated camera rinse tank & table, light snacks, refreshments, a great stereo, complimentary wetsuit use and valet service. While we set up your gear, you can sit on the dive platform and we bring it over to you. Then you’re just one giant stride away from amazing Cayman scuba diving! After your first dive, we switch your gear onto a fresh tank. At the end of the day, we rinse it down, pack it away and offer gear storage. If you are diving again with us, it will be on board and ready to go. No need to lug it back and forth. All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the best of Cayman diving.