Awesome Cayman Diving

We woke up to flat seas and still palm trees on Friday morning. Our Boat cruised from her West side mooring to her slip at the Yacht club to pick up all our divers for their last dive morning of the trip.

The conditions were stunning on the North wall of Grand Cayman and dive # 1 on Black Forest was teeming with fish. The first thing we saw was a beautiful eagle ray who was more interested in having breakfast than hanging around with us. We descended into a swim thru and came out on the edge of the wall at 80ft. The visibility was awesome and as we cruised along the wall we came face to face with some Caribbean lobsters…. garlic butter anyone?  As we turned around to slowly make our way back to the mooring, our second eagle ray of the dive came sweeping along the top edge of the wall, WOW!  This ray gave us all the opportunity to get close and admire the beauty of its slow and powerful swimming.

Dive number #2 was on the world famous Stingray City. This was the first visit for this dive team and after a briefing we all drooped down to the sand and interacted with the friendly rays.  After the feed, we swam around the colorful coral heads of this amazing shallow site. We saw peacock flounders, nesting SGT Majors and tons of cool critters.

This has been an awesome weeks diving. Thanks to all who dived with us! We can’t wait to see you soon.

Gary and Liz Our Dive Boat Awesome Divers