Become Turtle Aware!

Cayman Diving

Coming to the island and interested in learning about turtles while getting anew PADI certification card?

If the answer is yes then we have the perfect add on to your Cayman Dive vacation.

PADI introduced a new distinctive specialty and we are proud to be instructors and are offering the certification and a discounted rate. If you are like me and love seeing turtles under the water you will also enjoy learning a few simply facts about how these beautiful creatures live, bred and eat. The course has no classroom component and is done as part of your dive trip on board our beautiful cayman diving boats.

In Grand Cayman you expect to have the best diving on some of the very best reefs in the world. While you are swimming and scuba diving you can expect to see turtles cruising the reefs. We love to dive and take you to the best cayman dive sites and are in the water diving along side you on every dive. We are constantly looking for cool and fun creatures. Turtles are always high on our lists of wants and Cayman Diving delivers amazing opportunities to interact and take photos of turtles.

We see three different breads of turtle while cayman diving. Hawksbill Turtles are the most common and are very friendly comfortable around divers. Green Turtles are both rare and shy but are always a great sighting. The least seen turtle is also the largest turtle we see on dives. That is the prehistoric looking Logger Head Turtle. This course will give you lots of interesting information about these three breads and in the water you might get to swim with one or all three of them.

To add the PADI Turtle Awareness course to your trip all you need to do is ask Liz during your booking process. The course costs $50 USD per person and is in addition to your dives.