Best Dive Sites in Grand Cayman

Best Dive Sites in Grand Cayman

This week I have been lucky to be able to get out from behind my desk and out of the compressor room to enjoy some diving.

Our passion for diving is what started this journey and has been reignited after our Covid closure. Being back on the boats, putting my fins on and striding into the blue water of Grand Cayman is amazing. Never taken for-granted but right now, is feeling particularly special.

We understand that you are coming to dive and your time on island is short and precious. As such, you want to dive the best dive sites Grand Cayman has to offer. We have that in the forefront of our minds on every trip.

A regular and understandable question is what’s the best dive site on Grand Cayman or what are our favorite dive sites? Those are hard questions to answer as we have so many to choose from and conditions change and marine life moves.

This week I had one of the best dives I’ve had for many years. A dive site called Norte Dame on the North West area of Grand Cayman. Not a site that comes up on a search but it’s one of the best Grand Cayman dive sites. The topography is stunning. During our relaxed dive we saw multiple hawksbill turtles, fighting eels or maybe mating?? But the highlight for me were two beautiful balloon fish. One puffed up and the other seeming to nudge his friend. First time I have seen a puffer puffed! Have you ever seen that? Maybe you have pictures to share?

My Best Grand Cayman Dive Sites

Orange Canyon – no matter how often I dive this site it leaves me in utter amazement with how beautiful it is.

Big Tunnels – an unbelievable labyrinth of lime stone arches makes up a maze of beauty.

Aquarium – a shallow site on the West side of Grand Cayman. Fingers of coral teaming with Cayman fish life.

The list is endless but if you are visiting us over the next few months I can not recommend these sites enough!

Hope to see you all soon.