Cayman Diving Friends

Liz and I have been Cayman Diving daily since we first arrived in 1998 and 2001 respectively. The amazing corals and creatures that inhabit the reefs and wrecks of this lime stone island keep us here.

Diving Friends

In 2009 we wanted to break away and create a new dive product for Cayman Diving. We combined our 20 plus years experience in the dive industry and created Living The Dream Divers. A dive operation that we would want to dive with if we visited Grand Cayman.

The product that you experience today has been a team effort of not just Liz and I but our amazing crew and incredible guests. Everyone that works, has worked or come and dived with us has helped shape what LTD Divers is today. We are incredibly grateful to each and every diver and snorkeler that has splashed in beautiful clear waters that surround our island.

We could literally fill the Internet with all the stories of fantastic people that have dived with us, many of whom have become friends. As regular visitors to Grand Cayman they all have and continue to share the dream.

At the beginning of this month, September 2015. A dive shop called Dive Tech – Dolphin Travel made another visit to dive with us. They have been huge supporters of LTD Divers since the very beginning. Ed has own the shop for his entire life working with his father who started the shop. Since he took over Ed has built bigger and stronger adding a pool and an amazing stock of high end quality dive equipment. He does this all while still delivering outstanding customer service.

It's through genuine honest and loyal support like this that Living The Dream Divers can continue to grow. The picture is of his latest trip with his customers enjoying a little Caribbean splash.

If you have dived with us once, twice or many times. Please send us a photo of you on island or under the water and we will give you a special thanks.

Thank you for being with us on this journey.