Cayman Diving

The sun was shining and the blue sky returned to Cayman today! Scuba diving in Cayman was perfect. Our first dive of the day was a wall dive called Little Tunnels, which is located off Grand Cayman’s west shore.

Eagle RayOver the past three months we have been interacting with an eagle ray who has made this site his home. Living The Dream Divers has a true love of this beautiful creature. We descended down to the top of the wall and right at the base of the mooring line was the eagle ray. The ray checked us all out and then went on with its morning breakfast. We stayed with the ray for about five minutes before continuing down the wall. As we swam along the wall, a friendly turtle swam by- totally awesome dude! On the way back to the boat we swam through a huge school of horse eye jacks which ended another awesome Cayman Dive.

The Cayman Islands are busy this week with people getting away for spring break. This means lots of Cayman Dive boats with lots of scuba divers. So rather than searching for our second dive we went around to one of our favorite sites called Hepps Pipeline. There was a slow rolling swell on the surface but under the water conditions were ideal. No current, amazing visibility and tons of fish life. We saw it all! One highlight of this dive was a huge Goliath Grouper that was sitting perfectly still in the sand. He seemed to be resting and we were able to get two or three inches form his face- amazing!