Cayman is reOpening!

Cayman is reOpening

It’s been 20 long and crazy months but our government finally announced we will be moving to phase 4 of reopening. The planned date is November 20th, 2021!  We could not be more happy are excited to get back to doing what we love.

In March 2020 our borders were closed. We then endured one of the strictest lock downs in the world. It was hard, but being locked in paradise wasn’t all bad. As we watched the Caribbean and the rest of the world reopen we started to watch the news here waiting for our reopening. Our governments cautious approach has meant many dates and plans have come and gone.

But in a few days our borders will be reopening. It’s honestly still hard to believe its happening and there is part of us that won’t believe it until it happens…

What does Phase 4 mean?

Starting on November 20th, 2021 fully vaccinated travelers will be able to come stay, relax and enjoy all that is Cayman with out having to quarantine. This is amazing news and we can’t wait to take our first official dive trip since 2020. Phase 4 does not mean its business back to pre pandemic but its an important first step.

During this phase quarantine requirements will be removed for:

  • Securely verifiable fully vaccinated travelers.
  • Non-securely verifiable fully vaccinated travelers who travel from a country with vaccination rates that are 60% or higher for the first dose of the vaccine and where those travelers spent at least 14 days prior to the date of travel.
  • Caymanians / Permanent Residents who were fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine (locally or overseas).

Prior to coming to the island you must register and get a travel certificate. We are hoping this will be a relatively straight forward process. For more detailed information visit This site will give full details and all the information needed for phase 4 reopening and how to travel to the islands. If you have done it and have any helpful tips, please let us know in the comments.

Flights to the island are still limited but as things return to some kind of normal we hope to see airlines schedule flights again.

Cayman Airways are flying from Miami, New Yorkand Tampa. Jet Blue have resumed service from New York and Air Canada and West Jet are connecting us to Canada. British Airways resumed multiple flights every week in October this year. As the flights become available we will post updates.

Lots has changed since we last dived together. We can not wait to hear all your news and share some of ours. The water is still warm, the sand is still white and the island can not wait to see you all again.