Cayman Weather

Today was a perfect day for Cayman north wall scuba diving.  We had two great dives in the sunshine.  Late this afternoon the wind started to switch from the south to west.

Tonight, we are expecting strong north westerly winds that will continue through Thursday.  The weekend has a similar weather forecast.  This will mean it is south side scuba diving until the wind subsides.

These weather patterns are usual for this time of year.  It is something we are used to dealing with, but we always prefer flat calm conditions!

Living the Dream Divers use a number of different weather sources to gather information. Go to our Cayman Weather page to get the latest forecast from Bouy weather. This will give you up to date weather as it happens and an hourly forecast for up to three days.

Cayman scuba diving is unique in the fact that we are always able to find a side of the island that is calm and has world class scuba diving.  The only time we can’t is during a hurricane!