Don’t Leave Home Without It

Don’t leave home without It! When packing your bag you want to remember everything mask, snorkel, fins and dive card but many people don’t think about dive insurance. Its never nice to take the fun out of a trip by thinking about being sick.

However if you are a diver or learning to dive you should make sure you have insurance should anything happen to you or your equipment. As a rule your medical insurance you have at home will not cover you when you are in Grand Cayman. For this reason we recommend you get dive specific insurance. The best option on the planet is offer by the Divers Alert Network, DAN. They are the world wide leader in dive safety, research and insurance.

We are not insurance sellers and we do not make a profit from selling or offering this service. The reason we do this is two fold. The first is to make sure that you and all our divers have appropriate insurance should the unlikely happen. The second reason is to support DAN and their on going research in to dive safety. DAN are a true not for profit research group based in North Carolina. They have a simple mission statement, No More Dive Accidents. Having worked with them for over twenty years I can honestly say they are the best at what they do. If you haven’t already please check out their web site. it is the best resource for dive related medical questions in the world:


We are very happy to say that we now offer DAN short term dive insurance. Diving is safe and super fun but sometimes we need medical help. To save you having a large medical bill DAN, the leaders in dive safety have started a short term insurance program. As the name suggests this easy to get cover for all divers gives peace of mind while you are on your Cayman Dive vacation. To find out more please ask us when you are booking and we will give you all the details. To be 100% covered on your vacation it costs less the $40 per diver, the plan can be stated in minutes and requires no screening or doctors approval, all we need is your name, date of birth and an e-mail address. It really is so easy tree is no reason to leave home without it.

The other bonus to this insurance is that all the profit goes directly in to dive safety and the medical research to helps us all learn more about what happens to our bodies when we go under pressure.