Fresh Air Guarantee

We believe that in order to offer the best product we have to use the best ingredients. This belief is at the core of everything we do, from our boats we dive on to the uniforms we wear.

Scuba tanksEvery detail has been thought out and the highest quality ingredient has been selected. With over 18 years in the dive industry and our combined attention to detail that keeps us awake at night 🙂 we strive to make sure everything we use is not just good, it's the best for our guests.

A restaurant that uses the best food and employs the best chef, has the best dishes. Well we believe the air you breathe should be the best also. Sounds obvious right? However, this is another area that we are committed to exceeding industry norms . As a result you can taste the difference and know deep down you are breathing the cleanest air possible.

What separates us? Our custom designed and designated air fill station is state of the art. We use the newest and cleanest compressors on Grand Cayman. Our filters are changed using the latest technology that insures clean, fresh air every time. There is no guess work just precise, clean, fresh air in every fill.

If you choose to use Enriched Air our blended 32% mix is the most accurate mix EAN on island. Onboard you check your fill and underwater you will know you have the best.

It sounds obvious but it's often an area divers and dive operators take for granted. When diving with us you can relax knowing you have the best equipment back by the best ingredients, visiting the best Cayman dive sites.