Get Nitrox Certified In Cayman!

get nitrox

Completing your Enriched Air Certification is a must for every diver. Its super easy and quick to complete online. Once on island we walk you through the practical side and you are Nitrox certified. We are continuing our popular special offer of just $140 USD per diver.

Using Enriched Air enables you to enjoy longer bottom times while absorbing less nitrogen. Nitrogen is the gas that causes decompression sickness. The less nitrogen you absorb, the safer diving becomes.

Ever felt tried after a dive? Some divers report that after using Enriched Air on their dives they feel less tried. Each diver’s physiology is different so there isn’t a guarantee that this will happen for you but loading less nitrogen into your tissues means your body doesn’t work as hard after your dive to eliminate the nitrogen.

The online course takes about 3 hours and can be done at anytime from any computer with an internet connection. Once you have completed the e-learning section we go over how to analyze a tank and plan a dive.

Adding the Enriched Air Specialty to your trip is simple! Let Liz know during the booking process and she will send the e-learning pass via email. You can also let us know when you are on island. You can complete the course on your surface time at the hotel. The next day we will complete the course on the boat, take your picture and process your certification. You can then use Nitrox on all your dives and it is $12 USD per tank.