Giving Thanks!

Giving Thanks

Caymans borders are open and people are coming on vacation and diving. We could not be happier to be back on the boats and blowing bubbles. This last week has been a fantastic reminder of how thankful we are to be living in this amazing place and doing what we love.

We are also extremely thankful for our loyal and amazing guests. We ran our first trips in 20 months. Taught 5 new people to dive and got to visit some of our favorite reefs.

There are a few extra steps to take before and during a visit but nothing that crazy.

The weather was amazing the water is calm, warm and our reefs are healthy!

Like so many people we are getting used to the new world we live in. However, waking up and getting to share Caymans amazing under water world with guests is such a privilege. 

It will be a few months before all airlines are back on schedule. Cayman Airways are running daily flights from Miami so it does mean airline change.

We had beautiful sunshine paired with a brisk North East wind. Our first “cold” front of the season. This meant West Side diving. Flat calm, great visibility and a water temp of 81 degrees. Literally Living The Dream.

Wall dives were Orange Canyon, Little Tunnels, Big Tunnels and Round Rock. Marine life and coral was just as we remembered. A stand out moment was when Christian and his divers saw 4 Eagle Rays cruise off the wall in formation. In 20 years of diving on this island I have never seen that on the West Side.

Shallow sites are some of my favorite way to enjoy a tank. We visited a selection and had an amazing moment on the Cayman classic Ore Verdi, when a nurse shark decided to come hand with us. 

In our new world we are constantly hopeful that things will continue to ease at the border. But if that first week is a sign of things to come… then we can not wait for more.