Learn To Use Enriched Air / Nitrox $140 USD!

The Enriched Air Diver specialty is the perfect course for all divers. The course is quick and super easy and will add time and safety to every dive.

Enriched Air DiversIf you have ever thought about using Nitrox now is the perfect time. We are offering this full PADI specialty for the low price of $140 USD.

To enroll email Liz and ask to sign up. Liz will send you a link that enables you to log on to PADI's e-learning classroom and get this special rate. Once enrolled you can read, watch and learn all about using Enriched Air. The knowledge development should only take a few hours and is both interesting and fun. When completed you can join us on island and complete the course with us. The on island Cayman Dive Instruction component could not be easier. There is NO in water componant to the Enriched Air Diver course. All the work is done via PADI's e-learning classroom. When on board we show you how to analyze a tank of Enriched Air and talk about planning your dive. We also included a tank of EAN for you to use on your dive. That's it you will then be a certified PADI Enriched Air Diver.

Enriched Air DivingThis amazing discounted price is available from June 1st 2015 to December 31st 2015. You must enroll with Liz between these dates to get this awesome Cayman Dive Instruction Enriched Air certification.

To enrol for this course you must be a certified diver minumum PADI Open Water Diver or equalivant, 15 years or older. This offer is olny aviable for people who are sign up to dive with Living The Dream DIvers.

To sign up for this offer you must be on island or prepay if not on island at time of enrollment.