Reopening Confirmed

Reopening Confirmed

The last 20 months have taught us a lot. One of those lessons was not getting our hopes up too much until something actually happens! Yesterday, the government confirmed we will move into Phase 4 of the governments reopening plan.

Not a full “business back to normal” situation but a hugely important step. After all, we can’t get to 5 unless you have done 4! So what does Phase 4 mean for you if you want to come share some Cayman Diving, sunshine and sand with us?

As of November 20th, 2021 verified and approved travelers will be able to come without having to quarantine. Nothing is straight forward with Covid but getting an approved Cayman Travel Certificate isn’t hard or time consuming. In fact, before writing this, I applied and got one. It took me less than 5 minutes.

Apply To Travel Cayman

  • Visit Travel Cayman to get all the info on reopening.
  • Then press the blue ‘Apply To Travel Cayman’ or click here
  • Login and press ‘Travel Declaration’
  • Tick the legal stuff
  • Enter your name and date of birth
  • Answer a couple of easy questions
  • Upload your vaccination card or vaccination QR code.
  • Download your travel certificate
  • Come to Cayman 🙂

It’s really that easy! 👌🏼

If you live in America you can upload your CDC card. If you upload a copy of physical vaccine card it will take 24 to 48 hours to process.

Some states have voluntary apps that confirm vaccination and create a QR code. If, like me, you’ve never used a QR code before, they are that bar code square you see on shop windows, tokens and menus. Using that code will give you a certificate in a few seconds. Wow, a government website that works? 🤿

Once you are on island you have to do a lateral flow test on the 3rd day. If you stay beyond 5 days you need to test again.

To re-enter America and Canada you will need a negative Covid test 72 hours before entry. Most people come to Cayman for 5 days to 7 days so you can use your lateral flow test results on day 3 or 5 for your return depending on the duration of your stay. This makes these tests required, useful, to prep you for your homeward journey.

Nothing is as it was before COVID and there are a few hoops to navigate in Phase 4.  But if you want to come see us and support us, we will make sure that the extra steps are worth it! 🏖 🎉 🤿 🐠

If not, we will see you in Phase 5 when all restrictions are lifted. The government plans to announce the date for that in January 2022✌️

See you soon.