Sand Bar – Stingray City

The World Famous Stingray City Sandbar is one of the most unique places on earth. A naturally accruing sandbar in the middle of Grand Cayman’s north sound, this amazing shallow sand bar sits about four miles off shore and is only accessible via water craft.

Originally this area was a great place for local fisherman to drop their anchors at the end of a hard day’s fishing. This area was a place that fishermen would rest, drink a beer and clean their daily catch. The fish parts would be thrown over the boat and into the shallow water. Southern Stingrays, who live in this shallow sandy water, started to gather in larger numbers because of the abundance of free easy food.

In the early eighties a local fisherman decided that he could trade his hard work of fishing and bring visitors to the island to swim and see these amazing creatures. That is nut shell of how Stingray City Sand bar was created.

Many decades later it is now the most popular destination in the Caribbean and a must see on your Cayman dive and snorkel vacation. This amazing sandbar is popular to visitors to the island as well as local people. The experience is unforgettable and simply amazing.

We offer the Sand Bar trip as part of a private charter. If you are looking for advice on a more cost effective group trip please ask us before or during your stay.