Scubapro A-700 Regulator

We have new regulators! The life of a dive master’s regulator isn’t an easy one. We do lots of dives and don’t always give the care and attention that the regulator needs.

Scubapro A-700 RegulatorThey are thrown into dive bags covered in salt water, dropped on boats, dragged through sand during a rescue course, left in direct sunlight with salt eating at the metal, and the list of abuse could go on! We are also famous for never getting them serviced so we demand a lot and expect everything. So, who best to test a regulator than a dive master?

Over the years, we have been lucky enough to dive just about every reg on the market. Scubapro has been our regulator of choice for many years. In our opinion, they are the best regulator on the market. No matter what your budget, they have a reg that will not just breath and look good but last even the toughest dive master life style. When Scubapro brought out the new, retro looking A-700 we instantly wanted it. Last week was the the first time we took our brand new A-700s into the water. In water, the A-700 breathed as effortlessly as we have come to expect. The breath was dry and worked just as well inverted as normal.

Scubapro A-700 RegulatorWe did multiple dives over the week, dived in current and took the reg to a max of 100ft. No matter where we were, this reg did the job. The second stage has a retro design and is metal but sits in the mouth with comfort and ease. This is a great regulator! The only complaint is that it has a vibration when breathing on the surface giving a loud, unpleasant sound. Under the water this sound is gone. this is also the only regulator i have ever owned that comes with a polish cloth! Is this a piece of jewelry?