Thank You for Choosing to Smile and Dive

As many of our divers know Liz and I love to swim, bike and run. When we are not diving we are out on the roads of Cayman training for our next event.

Smile Train LogoEvery year we choose an event that means something to us and choose a charity that has an equal meaning to us. Last year we ran the NYC marathon and raised over 18 thousand dollars to help and support people dynodes with cancer.

This year we are off complete an Ironman Triathlon and raise money for Smile Train. They perform vital surgery on young children born with cleft lip. Over 170,000 children are born with cleft lip every year. Because of income many can’t afford surgery. Smile Train provides cleft repair surgeries to those in need for free. It also helps train local doctors to perform this vital surgery. This makes it possible for a child born with a cleft to eat, breathe, speak properly, and smile.

We have raised over five thousand dollars by donating a small percentage of every dive we have done during our training. It was a grueling 12 week training program. During this time every diver that dove with we gave a dollar to Smile Train.

We thank you for choosing to dive with us. We love what we do and exploring sharing Cayman Diving with you is a pleasure. Now you know that you are not just diving with the best but also helping people in need. All you have to do is book a dive.