The New Lion Fish Tracker

Congratulations to our very own Liz for obtaining the PADI Distinctive Specialty, Lion Fish Tracker. Liz has become one of the very first Cayman Dive Instructors to get this rating.

Liz FrostUsing PADI outlines, the training given by the Cayman Islands Department of Environment as well as her own knowledge of this invasive species, she will be able to teach any certified diver to safely spot, track and remove this fish during her Cayman Dive instruction lesson.

As you know, Liz is my wife so I am a little biased! but in over 12 years of teaching I have never met a more patient and caring instructor. She has a gentle way that is a joy to work with and be a student of.

This new Lion Fish Tracker course is for the certified diver and will not just teach you all about this fish, how it lives, breeds and how it came to be this far from home. It will also teach you the safest and most humane way to remove it from the reef. Cayman Dive Instruction is fun and this course is a excellent addition to any Cayman Islands Dive vacation. You need to complete two Cayman Dives and then you can carry nets on all of your dives.

For more information about this course or any Cayman Diving please contact us anytime.