Top 10 Best Dive Sites Grand Cayman

It's one of our most asked questions and for good reason. You are visiting us for a short time and want to see the best of the best.

Nassau GrouperIf only the answer was as simple as reading a list and taking you there. That would mean we only have a top 10 Best Cayman Dive Sites!

We are super lucky here on Grand Cayman and in the Cayman Islands because we have 365 dive sites to choose from throughout the three islands. Over 200 of those dives sites are here on Grand Cayman.

How do we choose which site to go to and how do you know that you are diving the best Cayman Diving during your short stay? That's easy! Our team has over 50 years combined experience of Cayman Diving. We use this Cayman Diving knowledge everyday when we select our Top Grand Cayman Dive Sites. We look at the weather and put our boats on the calmest side of the island. We then look for the calmest conditions, best viz, no current and of course, we ask for input from you, our Cayman Divers! We know that your time on island is short and you want to see the best. Which is perfect for us because we love what we do and want to show you the best and want you to have the Best Cayman Diving Experience possible!

Grand Cayman diving has three sides North, West & South. We select which location we are at according to the weather. Each side has stunning diving and depending on when you visit you will get to see different sides.

North is most accessible during the summer months. Dives sites like Eagle Ray Pass, Princess Pennies Pinnacle, Round-A-Bout and Lesley's Curl are in our Top Ten Dive Sites on the North.

West is calm 80% of the year and has some of the best diving in Grand Cayman. Short boat rides and calm conditions mean this is a popular side to dive. We love Trinity Caves, Round Rock, Inbetween, Orange Canyon, Big Tunnels and Three Trees. The list is endless and you could dive every day on the west and never get bored.

South side is visited during high wind conditions coming from the Northwest as it is the calmest area during these times. We love to dive Laura's Reef, Bullwinlkle, Charlie's Caves and Ned's Tunnels.

A simple Top Ten Best Dive sites of Grand Cayman is not possible as there are literally 100s of amazing sites. Trust us, we have the experience and passion to show you the best. Come visit us and start making your own top ten Cayman Dive Site list.