USS Kittiwake Update

There is good news on the horizon for the USS Kittiwake sinking project.  Since the postponement of this amazing event in July the Kittiwake sinking committee have been working tirelessly to move forward with this much need and exciting artificial reef project.

  This week we had a meeting with the Water sports Association of Cayman and they have tentatively announced the sinking to be in early December.  As we have learnt when you are attempting an event of this magnitude it is hard to predict and plan for a date until nearer the time.  Living The Dream Divers will be part of this event in every way we can and as a sponsor of the project we will have some excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities.  The ship is currently in Virgina, USA and is having her final inspection at the end of October.  Once complete she will be ready to be towed by tug boat on her final voyage.

When she arrives in Grand Cayman there will be the chance to walk on board and have a tour of the ship before she sinks.  Members of the crew will be the guests of the island and have the chance to watch the sinking. There will also be parties and charity auctions as part of the sinking celebrations.  On the day of sinking we will be watching every step on board ‘Our Boat’ with the BBQ lit and a front row seat.

We will of course let you know as soon as we have more definite details.

Ex-USS Kittiwake ASR 13 – Chanticleer Class Submarine Rescue Ship ASR

Built by: Savannah Machinery and Foundary Co of Savannah, Georgia, USA

Keel Laid: 5th January 1945

Launched: 10th July 1945

Commissioned: 16th July 1945

Decommissioned: 30th September 1994

Displacement: 2290 TONS

Dimensions: 251 Ft Length – 42 Ft Beam – 15 Ft Draft

Machinery: Diesel Electric Propulsion – 1 Shaft – 3000 BHP for 15 Kts

Complement: 85 Officers and Sailors