Want To Learn to Dive and Save Money?

If you were thinking about getting certified as one of your New Years resolutions now is the time to enroll for PADI's e-learning.

PADI’s elearning online course will give you all the knowledge you need to become a PADI Open Water certified scuba diver. You do the work online and complete the course from any computer. When you are finished the classroom portion you will complete an easy test. When you complete the online classroom portion PADI will send us an email notification to let us know you have completed. Then you come and join us on island and do the in-water training.

On island you will work with your PADI dive instructor in shallow water. This portion is all about becoming comfortable with the equipment and becoming a scuba diver. The shallow water will allow you to practice skills with direct supervision and encouragement from your Cayman dive instructor.

Once the confined water skills have been mastered you will complete two stunning shallow reef dives. These will give you real diving experience and practice time while looking at fish and having tons of fun.

On day two you will come on the boat and complete two awesome boat dives on Cayman;s famous wall and shallow reef dives. These dives are with your instructor and will be complete your certification.

The course is safe, fun and designed for people as young as 10 years old. In the month of January, PADI are offing a $20 saving on the eLearning portion of the course. Sign up today and save, click on the link below and use the code 4DIVE1, then e-mail Liz to reserve your training dives.


The e-learning course is valid for one year, which means you can start learning today and have a year to book your vacation.

This offer is now closed but you can still use the above link to sign up and start your journey to becoming a certified diver.

See you soon!