When to do a Refresher?

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Cayman Diving is easy with year round good visibility, calm seas, no current and loads of cool cayman critters. If you haven't been diving for a few years, it's your first time diving in the ocean or you just want to practice your skills, our customized refresher course will be perfect for you. Don't think of a refresher as class work or lacking in fun! You work at your own pace with one of our awesome Cayman dive staff at our shore location where the conditions are ideal. Here you get to refresh the equipment, practice neutral buoyancy and get acclimatized in our beautiful waters. In shallow water we review and practice basic skills before heading out for a stunning dive. On your refresher you can expect to see all the same marine life as when you are on the boat without the pressure of having to take your first dive from the boat. Once completed you are guaranteed to be happy and confident to take your giant stride from our boat and feel at home diving in our small groups.

The refresher costs $120 usd and includes any equipment needed, pick up from your hotel or condo on seven mile beach, personal instruction and a stunning shallow reef dive. We recommend doing this easy and fun cayman dive when you have been out of the water for more than two years, haven't dived from a boat before, feel like you need a little TLC or just want to take it easy before coming on the boats. Call Liz to talk about if this course and see if it's what you need, she will be happy to answer any questions!

Happy diving