Cayman Activities

Cayman Activities

Our favorite things to do in Grand Cayman

There is so much to explore on Grand Cayman. Here’s a list of some of our favorite activities. On an island that is dedicated to tourism and it’s hard for us to list all of them!

Cayman Diving

We have lived here for the best part of two decades and we are not financially or emotionally connected with any of the tours we mention. We have tried many and had feedback from our friends and guests only. This is not a review page and any activity you choose to do should be researched by you prior to making a booking. The only exception to this is the first activity. But even then, you should research and be sure!

Cayman Scuba Diving – the number one activity on Grand Cayman is to Dive Cayman. For this section we are totally biased. The only operator to dive with is Living The Dream Divers! To visit here and not dive would be a trip wasted.

Jet Ski’s – no matter how you feel about these machines, being on one is fun. Most of the hotels on Seven Mile Beach rent them as well as independent operators. There is also a number of companies that offer tours to Sting Ray City on jet skis. These tours are generally 3 or 4 hours and visit the rays and other fun areas to snorkel. What a fun way to see the rays!

Horse Back Riding – you can join an organized horse ride through the national park that includes a swim through the Caribbean Sea on horse back.

Helicopter Tours – seeing Grand Cayman via the window of helicopter is a different view for sure. The tours take you over all the landmarks. Photo ops and stunning views with the thrill of the ride abound.

Submarine Rides – professional and educational tours of the underwater world without getting wet. The submarine goes to 100ft and shows non-divers what they are missing. On the ride you can see marine life, corals, the drop off over the edge of the wall and maybe a wreck.

Stingray City Snorkel Tours – One of the most popular activities in the Cayman Islands and one of the top destinations in the Caribbean. We are so lucky to have this naturally occurring sandbar in the middle of the ocean that has been the home of the friendliest stingrays in the world since 1980. The rays are wild and congregate here due to the food that was originally bought to them by fisherman cleaning their catch. Now the food source comes from the licensed stingray city tour operators. It’s almost impossible to accurately describe how beautiful and breathtaking the sandbar is and you should make this a must.

You can also scuba dive stingray city and for all the info on this please check out our stingray city page.

Cayman Diving

Blow Holes – the islands iron-shore worn away from years of ocean pounding has created these stunning blow holes. Go visit the beach and have a photo taken on the way to the East End.

Brewery Tour – the Stingray Brewery offer tours daily at their on island location. Go visit where the beer is brewed and sample the latest creation.

Botanical Gardens – the Queen Elizabeth Botanical park showcases the native plants and trees on the islands. The 50 plus acre park is beautifully crafted into 8 areas of color. You will see the different Cayman habitats and flowers. The park is not just a display of indigenous flora and fauna but also an important area that cultivates rare plants that no longer have a strong natural habitat.

The gardens are also home to the endangered Blue iguana that is only found in the Cayman Islands. With just over 100 of these animals left in the world, this is the best place on earth to see them as they wonder the grounds along with the elusive Cayman Green Parrot which is our national bird.

Crystal Caves – a tour to see the inside of Grand Cayman. The stalagmites and stalactites seem to form recognizable shapes. This is the oldest part of Cayman’s history and shows you where we began geologically.

St Pedro’s Castle – Not a medieval castle but the first home built by the original settlers of the islands. There is no better place to hear and see how Cayman came to be and what life was like for the first people who made it their home.

Rum Point – This is a managed beach area set in one of the most beautiful corners of the island. Situated on the North West Point of the north shore. It’s about a one hour drive from Seven Mile Beach. You can swing in a hammock, catch the sun on a beach chair, rent SUP’s, floaties, Jet Skis and much more. There is no fee to enter and plenty of parking. The only rule is they ask you not to bring your own food and drink. This is just fine as they make some of the best mudslides on island. The only bad thing about visiting this beautiful beach is having to leave at the end of the day.

This a small selection of just some of the activities that Grand Cayman has to offer. We always recommend researching each one and making sure it suits your needs and wants.