Best Cayman weather, best Cayman diving, best Cayman dive operator!

Summer is almost here!

The Cayman water temperature has warmed up to 80 degrees after a “chilly” winter here in Grand Cayman. Gary has hung up his shortie wetsuit and is back to wearing his rash guard for diving. We have spent the last week Cayman diving the North wall which is a real treat after the prevailing northerly winds we have had since last December. On Lemon wall we saw 20 eagle rays on one dive which was absolutely amazing.

Today we were back on the West side for an incredible dive on Big Tunnels where we saw 3 Hawksbill turtles, 1 sleeping green turtle, a cloud of millions of silver sides darting back and forth as they cascaded down the wall, a scorpion fish and a lion fish. We had a world famous videographer on board who filmed the first episodes of Deadliest Catch and had the most amazing camera- it was huge. Thanks for diving with us Ken! For our second cayman dive trip of the day, we dived the USS Kittiwake where we were able to get up close to the resident school of squid that has made the wreck their home since it was sunk on Jan.5th.

The best thing about our spring and summer is having the choice of where to dive. Diving all the way around Grand Cayman is spectacular but during the winter we are often unable to get to the North wall as it is just too rough. Having the choice of Cayman dive sites makes for the best Cayman diving, so why not come diving with the best Cayman Dive Operator during the best Cayman weather and enjoy some of these stunning sites this summer.

We can’t wait to see you on board!
LTD Team