Diving to Support The Community

Diving to Support The Community

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to live and work in The Cayman Islands. Grand Cayman Diving is consistently the best diving we have every done. The year round warm water that is treating with life and and amazing corals makes this destination a must for all divers. Our team are the best, they share our passion for Cayman Diving and Cayman Dive Instruction. We are also super lucky to have the best guests in the world!! So thank you.

On top of all these amazing things we are extremely blessed to live in a country that is full of amazing people and activities. As a small business within that community we believe it is important to give back. For this reason we have dedicated our charity commitments this year to on island charities and to sponsor and support local events that help make our surface time and that of the people living on Grand Cayman better.

In November 2019 we made a donation to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute, CCMI. This is a locally based charity and foundation dedicated to coral restoration and research. They are an amazing locally grown charity that provide real answers to the growing questions and concerns about our reefs and fish. All of their work is done on island and benefits us that live and work here as well as those who come to enjoy Cayman Diving now and in the future.

We have also sponsored two local sporting event on island. These locally organized events help promote health and fitness, raise money for local charities and give local athletes an outlet to enjoy their time.

We believe as a small business in a small community it is important to give a little back to the people who support us. So while it might not be the driving force behind why you choose to go Cayman Diving with us, you can feel good that a small amount of your diving will go to help local charities and the people on this amazing island.