Our Dream Boat!

Liz and I started Living The Dream Divers with the want to offer something different to Cayman Diving. We wanted to give world class customer service, to small groups on big custom made dive boats.

Our Dream BoatWe have both been working in the dive industry for over 15 years. In this time we have worked all over the world with amazing people on many different boats. We wanted LTDD to have the very best dive vessel and waited until we found the right boat. Our first boat named Our Boat was just that, Our Boat was made by Newton in 1996, specifically designed for Grand Cayman scuba diving. We bought her from a dive operation on island and set to work in making her right for us. An engine rebuild, paint job, adding electronics and many other creature comforts were what we did to bring her up to date and ready to take divers. She was a huge hit and will always have a special place in our hearts. She now lives in The Cayman Islands Yacht Club, ready to take divers and snorkelers to Sting Ray City and on private charters like the famous Grill N’ Chill.

Our Boat was the perfect start for our dream. Early on, we realized that to offer a full service product, we would need a second boat. We looked at all of our options, knew what we wanted, and what would take LTDD to the next level. There are many dive boats and we explored all the options but there was only one choice for us. We knew we would only be happy with the highest quality boat, built and designed specifically for our divers safety and comfort. The only problem was that little thing called money 🙂 After looking at banks and investors , Liz and I wanted to keep our company ours and we decided that our dream could only continue with us at the helm. In April 2011, life savings in hand, we called Bryan at Newton Boats and placed our order for a custom designed 36 Newton Dive Special! Wow! Somehow we had done it, but it didn’t seem real.

Newton have been making boats for over 30 years. Based in Slidell, Louisiana they have focused on one thing, to be the boat of choice for the dive industry. Their boats are found all over the world from Florida to Australia. Their painstaking attention to detail and passion for customer satisfaction have made them the leader in dive boats. Built to ABS and Coast Guard standards they are simply the best dive vessel in the world. During the six month build time we became very familiar with the Newton team. Their tried and trusted design with a few of our little touches made this boat the only Newton of its kind in the world!

She arrived on island on November 10th and has been in full operation since. Some of you have dived and snorkeled from her and we hope to welcome you all on board on your next cayman diving vacation.


Naming of her was easy as Liz and I have thought of little else so she is literally….
Our dream Boat