PADI Lion Fish Tracker

Cayman Diving is full of beautiful fish & coral. As many of you are aware during your cayman diving trip you will see that Lion Fish have invaded our waters.

These fish are living in the Cayman reefs as an invasive species. The Cayman Islands Department of the Environment together with REEF have been working on the best solution to combat this huge problem. They have been quick acting and been able to change and develop new plans as needed. They started with a full in depth seminar that educated cayman diving instructors and Cayman Divers about these invasive fish. In the beginning we used nets to catch the fish. This was a great start but proved not good enough against this agile creature. The DOE then licensed dive operators and Cayman Dive masters and Cayman Dive instructors to use a government made speargun. During this time they worked with the government and local laws to make it possible to import a much stronger and more efficient Hawaiian Sling. This spear has proved to be the best solution yet. During lots of Cayman Diving we have removed 100′s and 100′s of Lion Fish and even learned a lot about this fish.

They only problem with this is that only Cayman dive professionals are licensed making visitors and others unable to cull the fish. This month PADI together with the D.O.E introduced the PADI sanctioned distinctive speciality ‘Lion Fish Tracker’! This valuable and exciting Cayman Dive Instruction course enables everyone to get involved in removing this fish from our waters and protecting our small reef fish from this veracious predator.

This two dive Cayman Dive Instruction speciality will teach you all the skills needed and also the facts behind this beautiful but dangerous fish. For more information about this Cayman Dive Instruction course and find out how you can help our reefs contact us.

Lion Fish

Culling License

Catching a Lion Fish