The Best Cayman Diving

Summer time is an incredible time for Cayman Diving. The water is an a delightful 87F, in fact yesterday at the end of my dive, my computer showed 88 degrees!!!

We have been able to dive the very best of Grand Cayman Diving, with regular trips to the North Wall and some awesome round the island trips.

Eagle Rays in CaymanOur slip in the Yacht Club gives us perfect access to Cayman’s North Wall Diving, this is considered by most to be the Best Cayman Diving and we take advantage of this every opportunity we get. This summer season has seen some of the best Cayman Diving with awesome creature sightings. Having dived the waters around the Cayman Islands for 13 years this year, I have to say I have never seen as many Eagle Rays as this summer season of Cayman Diving. These beautiful, majestic creatures are a huge favorite of Cayman Divers. As our company logo it has a special place in our hearts and makes every Cayman Diving experience special. The North Wall is known for regular Eagle Ray sightings and the summer months usually are the best time. They fly off the wall gliding past delighted divers. This year during our Cayman Diving trips we have seen large groups of Eagle Rays swimming in formation. Whether it is your first Cayman Diving experience or you have dived all over the world, this sight brings a “WOW” factor to every log book. During one dive alone this week I saw 12 Eagle Rays swimming together which was the most I have ever seen!


Sharks in CaymanAs well as Eagle Rays we have had some amazing Cayman Diving encounters with Green Turtles, Eels and some rare Shark sightings. Carl had an awesome Cayman Dive when he was leading his divers over the wall at Castle Drop Off and a large Hammer Head shark swam past. After 14 months of being on the island, Scotty finally saw 2 big sharks on one Cayman dive- a hammerhead and a reef shark. Last Monday, Liz was hovering off the edge of Black-forest Wall and a reef shark swam past her and the group as well! There are a small number of Hammer Head sharks that live around the island. Their diet of injured fish and Stingrays are easy to find in our waters but low numbers are caused by over fishing and slow breading cycles. In July and early August it is the the mating season for Reef Sharks. This amazing animal is rare and breeds on a two year cycle. The North Wall makes for a perfect mating area and the shallow mangroves are ideal to give birth. The shallow water and plant cover give the baby sharks the protection and food they need before they head out to the big blue!!!

We love what we do and delight in sharing our passion for Cayman Diving. We are looking forward to the next few weeks of awesome Cayman Diving. To plan a trip it is easy; just e-mail Liz! [email protected] anytime and she will help plan the Best Cayman Diving vacation.