The Only Operator in Grand Cayman to Consider

“Living the Dream Dive — the only operator in Grand Cayman to consider !!!”

North Wall My wife and I dove with Gary and his staff in mid Jan. I’ve been diving for 35 years, and honestly never had a better dive experience or been with a more friendly, personable service oriented dive operator. From the moment I spoke to Liz by phone to the moment I left the dock to go home the last time, Gary, Liz and the team were incredible hosts and distinguished themselves as the kind of people you love to do business with.

They make it simple to transition from the hectic workday world you left and step right back into the sport you love. Your gear is all set, all you need to do is strap it on and step into your favorite place to be. The dives are all planned, no muss no fuss. they walk you thru the attractions to look for. The conversation between dives is light and lively, Carl and Gary were very engaging. They even turned me into a underwater photographer and it worked. The boat is large and spacious but they keep the client load small so they can take care of everyone the way they like. You get 5-star attention on a very comfortable boat with great, state of the art equipment and great dive sites with ease and comfort — what more do you want.

My wife only dives to go with me, but they made her so comfortable that she is now ready to dive with Gary and Carl anytime I want – wow! For her, being purely a some-time recreational diver, she is often embarrassed or awkward about how little she remembers from dive to dive about setting equipment up and the basics. The team made her comfortable, no pressure, no expectations other than can you “hit the water when you step off”. She did and had a blast. She came home so pampered that she now thinks diving is only for royalty. As for me, I never wanted to leave.

if you are going to Grand Cayman, and looking for a dive shop, don’t waste your valuable dive and sun time making phone calls — just call Liz and be done with it. You’ll be a fan for life — the name says it all and they really are — Living the Dream!!!!

Buffalo, NY February, 2011