Things to Do In Grand Cayman…

Ok, so that statement can be answered in three words, “Go Scuba Diving!” While Cayman Diving is the number one must do activity on Grand Cayman, you can’t be under water all the time. Surface time is just as important as dive time.

To help you plan your vacation and get the most out of your surface interval I am going to give you some ideas of Things To Do In Grand Cayman.

  • Where is the best Restaurant?
  • Who should take us to see Sting Ray City Trip?
  • What is the most relaxing Beach?
  • Where is the best snorkeling?

Liz and I have lived in the Cayman islands since 1998. During this time we have lived and worked on all three islands. This gives us a unique window in to all the areas of Cayman. over the next few blogs we are offer some of our do’s to help you plan some awesome trips, restaurants and activities.

Before I get started I have to give a massive disclaimer. Neither Liz or I are travel agents or professional restaurant or activity critics. We are also not paid or in anyway influenced by any of the people who work for or own the establishments. While we represent the Cayman Islands in everything we do, we are not official representatives of the island. As the old saying goes the views and opinions given are ours and no one else's. Its important to remember that there are too many places to mention in our blog. Grand Cayman has the highest standard of service of any Caribbean Island. However sometimes the soup is cold 🙂 Thats life, please don’t hold us responsible. Our only wish is to pass on to you a few things we have learned over the nearly two decades we have lived and worked here.

To make this easy for you to digest I am going to break these areas in to three sections and then give write a blog with a few options in each area. The three areas will be:

Exercise – For some people all the excise you need is getting up and walking to the beach chair and enjoying the sunshine. Thats an awesome thing to do and Seven Mile Beach is one of the best beaches in the world to do it. However some visitors to the island might want to go for a run, ride a bike, swim, feel their breath at yoga or pump some iron at the gym. To help plan your training to help burn the extra calories from vacation food and drink we will point you in the right direction.

Eating – Lets face it we all love to eat and on vacation we tend to eat a few more calories than normal. I am going to give you a very short and person choice of places to get food to cook at your condo to a few restaurants to visit during your stay. Maybe more than anything else, food is a very personal experience. I am just going to share some of ours. Anthony Bourdain I am not but I have eaten in a few restaurants since 1998!

Entertainment – This is the biggest section of all as Grand Cayman has an almost endless list of amazing things to do and see. From visiting the Botanical Gardens to hidden snorkel spots. We will do all we can to let you in on some local knowledge.

The next and first blog in this series will be on Exercise.