Dive Log

Become Turtle Aware!

Coming to the island and interested in learning about turtles while getting anew PADI certification card?

New Crew On Deck!

Welcome Stephen Ansley to the Living The Dream Divers family. Stephen has been a dive professional for ten years with over four of those spent here on Grand Cayman.

Things to Do In Grand Cayman…

Ok, so that statement can be answered in three words, “Go Scuba Diving!” While Cayman Diving is the number one must do activity on Grand Cayman, you can’t be under water all the time. Surface time is just as important as dive time.

Our Wounded Warrior Charity Run

On Sunday October 30th Liz and I are running the Marine Core Marathon. We love running and run one event a year for good charity. This year we are raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. This amazing charity helps soldiers adjust to a new life after coming home from battle with a life changing injury.

Our New Dive and Retail Store!

We are proud to say that we were the first small group dive operator to have a physical retail dive shop. Our retail space allowed us to meet our divers, chat, share photos and of course buy awesome Living The Dream Divers merchandise.

Cayman Diving Friends

Liz and I have been Cayman Diving daily since we first arrived in 1998 and 2001 respectively. The amazing corals and creatures that inhabit the reefs and wrecks of this lime stone island keep us here.

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